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FOUNDRY No.1 *New 300g SIZE! FREE P&P*

Image of FOUNDRY No.1 *New 300g SIZE! FREE P&P*



Foundry No. 1 is our signature espresso blend and generally consists of South and Central American coffees blended with an Indonesian coffee. All of the components are certified and have been specifically chosen for their exceptional qualities.
Key characteristics for Central American coffees are sweet and well balanced with a pleasing soft acidity. South American coffees tend to be low in acidity, heavy in body and sweet, often with chocolate and nutty flavours. Indonesian coffees have a characteristic heavy bodied earthy, woody and spicy profile with a grapefruit finish.
As with all blends, we recommend using Foundry No. 1 as your espresso blend and the roast profile reflects this ethos. However, feel free to ask your barista for their tips and recipes for other brewing methods.
Brazil Santos RFA
A fully washed, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Bourbon Arabica grown at altitudes from 2,000 ft to 4,400 ft. Taste characteristics exhibit low acidity, heavy in body and sweet, with nut chocolate flavours.
El Salvador RFA SHG
SHG stands for “Strictly High Grown” - a classification given to coffees grown at altitudes greater than 1200m. This coffee is grown under native shade trees, in full harmony with the environment and includes a high degree of social responsibility. The region of origin is Apaneca, Ahuachapan and is a washed and sun-dried coffee. Taste characteristics exhibit a piquant acidity, excellent round and full cup, with a soft and sweet flavour.
Pure Lintong
This Indonesian Sumatra Grade 1 Lintong coffee originates from the district of Lintong Nihuta, Southwest of Lake Toba. The land in this region rises to a high plateau, providing the altitude necessary for arabica cultivation. The milling process of giling basah (wet- hulled) and the process of sun-drying creates one of the most recognisable profiles; earthy, woody, spice and low acidity. This coffee specifically exhibits earthy, floral and soft tobacco spice with a grapefruit acidity.
Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery of your freshly roasted coffee
**Last despatch midday Wednesday 21st December. The Roastery will then be closed over the Christmas period, orders received during this time will be despatched upon reopening January 4th.**